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Twinkling Lights and (Not-So) Silent Nights

It’s Christmas Eve Eve!

AKA December 23rd!

The gifts are all finished and wrapped, the food almost done being prepped for family gatherings this weekend, the tree is lit and decorated spectacularly, my ugly sweater vest covered in cats is just waiting to be worn, the Christmas cookies are all baked and packaged and the car’s all gassed up and ready to haul ass.

The holiday season is my favorite time of year.

From the music, to the gatherings, to the twinkling lights and (not-so) silent nights, to making my family and friends beautiful presents full of love. Despite how hard my depression and anxiety can hit at this time of year, it’s still my favorite and always will be. I got my affinity for elf culture from my Dad and it’s kind of our “thing”. We’re both insanely Christmas obsessed and we’ve always had a special bond when it comes to the holiday season.

This Christmas will be full of both happiness and sorrow. It’s the first Christmas my siblings and I, along with all their kids and all of our spouses will be under my dad’s roof in over 7 years (I think). There is so much excitement in the air for Sunday, you could almost slice it with a knife.

But recently, hubby lost an uncle suddenly and very unexpectedly so it’s been a very up and down few weeks around here and for his family.

So naturally, it’s hard to be happy and Christmasy when tragedy strikes.

It’s made both of us stop and think about a lot of things. From our health, to the future, to literally living each day like it’s your last because things could change so suddenly. It’s shaken us both to the core (and the rest of his family as well).

Remember to hold your loved ones close to your heart always. Hug them tighter and longer. Tell all the people you love that you love them, all the time. Say it too often, say it too loud. Say it when you’re happy and when you’re mad. Just make sure you say it all the time because we lose the ones we love to suddenly and the world is too gross and ugly most of the time for people to not know that you love them. Nobody is promised the gift of waking up in the morning.

Even though our hearts are heavy and full of sadness, they’re also full of excitement and happiness for this weekend. We kick off the holiday celebration tomorrow at my mom’s house and then Sunday we do our own thing here in the morning before heading off to my dad’s for the rest of the day. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of love and Christmas spirit and keep you and your loved ones safe.

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