“Sorry” For Being Fat

Just so we’re clear, I’m fat. Much fatter in person than I look in my photos because I work the fat girl selfie angles.

I’ve been fat most of my life, since about 3rd of 4th grade. And yeah, it used to bother me. But over the last few years I’ve gotten over it.

I’ve learned to love my body and treat it well. And I do most of the time. I have my bad days where I can’t stand it but even the most body positive person on the planet has their down days. It just happens.

Fat people know they’re fat.

We’re not blind. We’re not deaf. So when you think you’re subtly talking shit about us for wearing shorts or a dress or something only “skinny” people should wear, we promise that we can in fact hear you and see you.

Back at the end of August, I ventured out in a cute plaid tunic I’d recently bought at Avenue paired with my favorite pair of Old Navy shorts. I know, a size 26/28 wore shorts in public. Nobody ran for the hills like Godzilla was attacking, I promise.

But while I was doing laundry that morning I encountered two elderly people who were just not okay with me wearing shorts but didn’t want to tell me to my face. So you can imagine my entertainment and irritation at listening to the comments they were whispering to one another, not knowing or caring that I could hear them.

“Look at her, that’s disgusting.”

“Why is she wearing shorts?”

Obviously I didn’t say anything because a) I don’t really care b) I’m a pacifist who doesn’t like confrontation c) I like doing laundry at my laundromat so I figured keeping quiet was a good idea.

But I did hear them. And then I got in my car and went to Walmart while slightly irritated but mostly humored.

Not even 10 minutes into my shopping trip at Walmart, I hear a man (based on the accent, he wasn’t from around here) chuckle after looking at me and then saying to the person on the phone he was talking to “Have you ever heard of that site called People of Walmart?”

Again, I didn’t say anything because I was too entertained and irritated and I don’t like confrontation.

I’m not surprised people muttered stuff they didn’t think I could hear, but at the same time I am. I was wearing a 3/4 quarter sleeve button up tunic, loose denim shorts with a 5″ inseam and flip flops. My chest, arms, thighs were all covered. People were grossed out by the skin that went from my toes to 2″ above my knee, my forearms and hands, neck and face. People were grossed out by my legs…that were mostly covered my shorts besides the few inches above my knee.

Do you know how stupid that is?! LOL! Do you have any idea how ridiculous it feels to even type that?

Sex sells but as soon as the fatty shows some skin from toe to knee, the city loses it?

I’ll never understand people, or how they can be so narrow minded or rude. Life must be bland as a narrow minded person. I feel sorry for those that will judge and mutter under their breaths about plus size people. We’re still people, we deserve to dress comfortably when it’s hot outside just like the rest of the world.


Keep your chin up moonbeam,


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